What is Brooklyn Club? Get to know THE CLUB for the modern gentlemen.

What is Brooklyn Club

What is Brooklyn Club?

Brooklyn Club is a place for every gentleman, with a focus on progression. It is a place where you can grow and learn to be successful in life with our full support. We are not just a 'garment shop for gentlemen’, we are a place of refinement, elegance, and class. It's a place where men can congregate, share your thoughts and ideas, and learn new things.

Who are we?

Brooklyn Club was founded in 2021 by Carlos L. and Ben F. in Hong Kong, one the busiest cities in the world. We both agreed that there was no place for men to hang out where they could talk about anything from business to fashion to family life without feeling uncomfortable or pressured about any of it. The idea for Brooklyn Club came from our desire to create a space that allowed men to be themselves freely with other likeminded people who shared similar interests.

What is our mission?

We strive to create a better life for men by eliminating all unnecessary worries for you, so you can focus on your life and pursue happiness.

Brooklyn Club is a fashionable, modern, and relaxed place for every gentleman. With an atmosphere of carefree exhilaration and decadent comfort, we offer an old-world elegance with modern flair to spoil yourself with luxury.


We support you from Sunrise to Sunset.


Your neglected indulgence,

Brooklyn Club

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