About Us


What does your underwear mean to you?

Inconspicuous, no one would see?
Casual wear, a couple dozen dollars a pair will do?
A piece of cloth, nothing special about it?
We found that most men only pay attention to the ‘external’ appearance, but often ignore the ‘internal’.

Founded one of the busiest cities - Hong Kong - in 2022, Brooklyn Club sets out to redefine underwear, and empower gentlemen to treat himself.
The founders of Brooklyn Club (Ben & Carlos) are native home-grown HongKongers. Witnessing today's dull underwear market, they decided to use their respective strengths and expertise, combining technology and fashion to create the "effortless comfortable" and "subtle luxurious" experience. Though founded just months ago, Brooklyn Club has received unanimous praise from hundreds of men.
Brooklyn, representing the busy metropolitan gentlemen.
Club, representing the one-of-a-kind luxurious indulgence.
"Brooklyn Club" symbolizes our pursuit and practice of freedom and taste.
From today on, we hope that every gentleman who works hard for life can treat himself well, exude self-confidence from the inside out, and become the "new gentlemen".



To know more, please read the Handbook for our members.